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AC Tech Building Automation and Control: The MCH Series

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AC Tech Automation Control For HVAC Systems: THE MCH SERIES

AC Tech Automation Control for HVAC systems: THE MCH SERIES

Designed for HVAC Professionals, the MCH Series is an ideal solution for flow and volume control of fans, pumps and cooling towers. Variable frequency drives not only provide better regulation of the system (and thereby greater comfort), but save significant energy compared with traditional damper or valve systems.
The MCH Series drives were designed for the HVAC market and the specific requirements of Industrial and Commercial installations. We can provide the drive with standard options such as input disconnect and fusing, line reactor, 3-contactor bypass and more enclosed and mounted to the drive in a ready to install package.

Couple this with the many features required by fan and pumping applications such as PID set-point control, …

Variable Torque
1 through 250HP (0.18 - 185kW)
Input voltages of 208V, 240V, 400V, 480V and 600V.
NEMA Type 1, 12, and 4 Enclosures
Management of labor and material cost is essential in every HVAC installation. The MCH addresses both through aggressive pricing and "Contractor Ready" packaging.

Standardized designs shorten lead times
Oversized terminals simplify control wiring
Generous space for wire runs
Top and bottom conduit knockouts for easy entry
Hinged doors provide easy access to all connections
Plain English programming for smooth start-up

 Technical Brochure in PDF format

dot_grayGeneral Specifications

1 to 250 HP (0.75 to 185kW)
Supply Power:
Three Phase:
208, 240, 400, 480 or 590VAC
50 or 60 Hz (+10/-15%)

The MCH is designed to operate standard
polyphase induction motors rated for
200, 230, 400, 460 or 575VAC from 0 to 120Hz.
NEMA 1 is standard for drive & options
NEMA 12 available for drive only.

Standard Features:

Easy set-up and operation:
The MCH offers intuitive operator interface using plain English programming and operational information.

   -2-line, 32 character backlit display
   -Keypad with H-O-A operation
   -Personal computer interface using 
   -AC Tech’s free TechLink Software

PID set point control: Let the drive software adjust the motor speed to maintain a preset pressure, flow, temperature or other independent variable.

   -Remote enable/disable
   -Direct or reverse acting
   -Transducer calibration
   -High/Low level alarm

Motor Thermal Overload: The MCH includes UL and cUL approved motor protection device for single motor applications.

MCH Installed Options:

Pre-Engineered and factory installed, MCH options are "Contractor Ready" providing the following benefits:

Rugged steel enclosure with hinged cover
Plenty of knockouts that allow for top or bottom conduit runs.
Generous wire ways
Oversized terminal strip duplicates all the VFD terminals with plug connections that allow easy removal of the MCH Series without disturbing any field wiring.

Branch Circuit Protection:
Choose either a Circuit Breaker or Disconnect with fusing, both offer door interlocked rotary handle. If branch circuit protection is located elsewhere, door interlocked disconnect switch is available without fusing.

Input Line Reactor:
The most recommended complement to a good drive installation. The input reactor adds protection for the drive against common electrical noise and line spikes while reducing noise and harmonics back to the supply mains.

Drive Bypass:
Three-contactor drive bypass completely isolates the drive when operating the motor at full speed directly across the line. Contactor logic and controls are operated at 115VAC and include pilot light operators and door mounted controls.




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